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"SQLitespeed" is free-to-use database manager for "SQLite" RDBMS databases. Please visit the About page for more SQLiteSpeed-specific information, or continue to the download below.

File download:

  • Software Download Link:
      MS Windows┬« 32bit - Version 2.0.2 (~6MB)

  • Downloadable Installer (SQLc.exe) md5 Hash:

  • Latest Release:
      V2.0.2.3 - December 2015     Public Release

  • Included SQLite binaries Release:
      V3.9.2.0 - November 2015    

    New features in version 2.0.2:
    • Support standard SQLite functionality and changes up to version 3.9.2 - (Backwards compatible with DLL's down to version 3.7.8).
    • Export Query results to SQL (INSERT / REPLACE) with formatting for any of SQLite/PostGres/MySQL/MSSQL compatible flavours. (Most other engines will read one of those formats).
    • Improved Schema documentation (Now with working HTML linking).
    • Script Engine Improvements - Automatic-add query lines; Use external editor; Improved results formatting.
    • Improved Databse management, Search and find all valid SQLite3 databases in folders. (Can copy-paste results)
    • Improved click-to-add Keys, Indices and Triggers in visual Table designer.

    New features in version 2.0.1:
    • Visual editors for all Table-constraints (Foreign Key, CHECK constraints, Primary keys and Unique keys).
    • Automated Schema documentation for all Database objects (with SQL and HTML exports).
        Example 1    Example 2
    • Script Engine and Script editor to design and run / debug (step-through) SQL scripts. (Allows parameters when used within SQLitespeed)
    • Test and debug schema changes to Tables or Views before implementing them.

Compatibility Notes:

The software is Windows™ 32-Bit based* and should work on all compatible platforms but has only been tested on 32bit XP Pro, 32/64bit Win7, 64bit Win8/8.1, 64bit Win10. It is not compatible with Win 8 R/T 64bit.
Please feel free to report back on compatibility quirks on other platforms.

A 64 bit build is available on request. (The SQLite3 DLL supplied is 32-bit).

*Microsoft, Windows, WinXP, Win7/8/10 and all similar references are Registered Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.


This software is provided free of charge and free of any known malware, adware or any other 3rd-party software, but no official claims are made in this regard.
As a security-measure, md5 File-Hashes are provided above for both the installer and extracted exe. The SQLite tools included can be verified (or re-downloaded) from www.sqlite.org/download.html.

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